Hotel and Hospitality Security

Hotel and hospitality guests expect top-notch services in a welcoming and secure environment. We have the experience of working with the finest hotels and hospitality companies in Canada.

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Bank and Financial Institutions Security

We protect banks and other financial institutions using a layered approach. We help banks and financial institutions to prevent crime and robbery.

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Entertainment and Event Security

Security Protection offers cost-effective, professional and reliable entertainment and event security service.

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Golf Course Security

Security Protection protects golf courses, pro-shops, clubhouses, parking lots, fairways, bag drop areas, the driveway and tee off areas.

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School Security

Keeping students, faculty staff and everyone in the school premise is the number one priority of educational institutions. Security Protection fulfills the unique needs of each educational institution client.

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Commercial Parking Security

Parking facilities, whether surface lots, temporary parking areas, parking garages are prime areas for criminals and vandals due to the number of high value assets and transient activity.

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Property Protection Services

Securing property is one of our areas of expertise. We work with businesses in different industries and this has helped us build the experience to deal with any safety and security contract.

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Shopping Mall Security

Every shopping mall, regardless of how safe the area is, demands security services to bring down cases of theft and potential vandals.

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Threat Assessment and Investigation

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to look at security from every possible angle to asses every threat – from the human element to the physical environment to the role of technology.

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Security Guard

There is no security service that is more assuring than physical security.

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We provide unparalleled service, systems, and solutions to secure, care and serve people and businesses in the community. Our relationship with our clients and employees are the heart of all that we do, each and every day. We serve all our customers with discipline, integrity, loyalty, enthusiasm, and quality.

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