360° Security Camera

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These types of cameras provide coverage of a wide and horizontal area to detect any activity occurring around your premises. With a 360° view, you get total situational awareness without the need of adding extra cameras. 360° security cameras have been around for a while but the technology that makes the panoramic videos look clear and good is new. This combination has created a security solution that is ideal for homes and businesses. There is nothing that you can miss when using a 360° security camera. This camera is a bit expensive compared to the conventional security cameras but with the wide area coverage, you will need fewer cameras and probably end up saving money.

Types of 360° Security Cameras
When looking for the right 360° security camera, there are a few factors that you have to take a look at. You will find 360° security cameras that are multi-lensed but these are too costly for many. The single lensed ones are fairly priced are widely used.

360° security cameras are known for high-resolution video recording. These cameras can record at 20 megapixels, and this is enough resolution to capture everything clearly.
With zooming features, you can zoom in to capture what’s going on in the distance at high resolution.

There are 360° security cameras that support the following intelligent functions:

• Heat mapping – you can add this function to your 360° security cameras in a store to see how long people stay in one place. This way, you can strategically place products based on how people move around in your store. You can also arrange objects in a way that allows free movement.
• People counting – you can take a head count of all the people passing through a selected preset area. With this function, you can have the exact number of people entering or leaving a specific location.
• Moving Object Removal (MOR) – you can use this function together with camera images for confirming how products are selling in a salesroom without interfering with the privacy of the customers.

Benefits of 360° Security Cameras
These cameras use sensors or lens and this keeps up a consistent quality of the video. Other types of security cameras focus on specific objects and make adjustments to the lighting. When the cameras adjust, the quality of the video is negatively affected. 360° degree security cameras have less moving parts and this makes them reliable especially for home security.

Panoramic cameras have the common security camera features such as:
• Night vision – the camera can be able to record clear images even when the lighting is low.
• Motion detection – the camera starts recording when its sensors are triggered by movement. This function means that you don’t need extra storage space.
• Two-way communication – you can able to hold a conversation with the person(s) on the other end.

360° security cameras provide total protection for your home or place of business. With wide area coverage, you scan all the angles and see everything that is happening even in those hard to see places.