Bank and Financial Institutions Security

We protect banks and other financial institutions using a layered approach. We help banks and financial institutions to prevent crime and robbery. With Security Protection’s security measures, you will protect your institution and support customer confidence. Banks and financial institutions are faced with security threats that are not only growing but ever-changing. From protests to robberies to active shooters, financial institutions must know all the threats they face. Identifying the threats is crucial because the bank will come up with a formidable defense to maintain customer confidence. Security in banks and financial institutions should not be occasional. Banks and financial institutions should invest in long-term security solutions to keep pace with evolving threats. Security Protection helps you to secure your clients and employees. We have the experience and skills to protect sensitive, highly classified and critical institutions. We have a training program that is compliant with all training requirements and certification. Our service will take care of all your banking security needs and the best thing is, we can customize it to fit your needs and budget. Our bank and financial institution security services include, but not limited to: • ATM security solutions • Risk assessment of retail and banking facilities • Video surveillance • Access card management solutions • World-class monitoring • Electronic and biometric access control • Silent alarm systems, holdup and panic devices • Control room and central station operations You can rely on Security Protection for all your security needs.

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