Body Guards

We offer discreet, professional and confidential bodyguard services to keep you safe at all time.

Our Bodyguard Service
When there are people threatening you and your family members, it’s impossible to live a comfortable life. We at Security Protection make it our priority to protect you and your loved ones from risky activities and possible threats. Keeping you safe and secure is our primary concern, so let us help you.

We have a team of trained and professional bodyguards who can quickly assess potential threats and distinguish activities that put you at risk and stay 100% confidential. If you and your family members are in real danger, our bodyguards will legally and promptly use the best means to guarantee your safety.

Our security guards have undergone thorough training and certification on how to act in case of a difficult situation such as evacuation, fires, and CPR. Our guards are screened for drugs, they have access to disability liability, worker compensation and are also backed by insurance.

We will work closely with you and those close to you to come up with a safe security plan and discuss the rules involved.

Benefits of Hiring Security Protection Bodyguards

• General consulting to come up with better techniques and strategies.
• Constant communication with law enforcement agents for better assistance.
• We have community advisers who help us to follow the rules and procedures of law enforcement and local government.
• We conduct intelligent exercises using a 2-way communication channel to effectively and quickly execute a planned protocol.
• We offer transportation services for quick pickups and drop-offs.

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