Border Security Services

Security Protection has developed expertise in the field of border security by combining surveillance and capture technology with the human organization. We do not have a single approach for all, every single solution is optimized and enhanced for improved border security. When designing border security, we analyze the needs of the customer to: • Identify the type of threats that are involved: illegal immigration, human trafficking, and terrorism among others. • Unearth the tactics being used by the targets to cross borders. • Study the field and pick the right equipment for each site. We then go ahead to build a border surveillance solution with the customer by going into the specifics of the organization by: • Understanding the technical configuration to learn how different components are integrated: sensors, data processing centers, transmission modes and software tools. • Organizing the taskforce. • The performance of Security Protection in border security is based on: • Using reliable equipment • Proper training of agents • Integration expertise • Smart data processing for detection and assessment of threats We have the necessary equipment to watch the border to ensure high-security levels.

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