Campus Ground Security

We decided to offer school security services due to the high number of school shootings and security break-ins. Our main aim is to offer a safe learning environment for the students, teachers, and staff. We are one of the top educational community security providers in the region. We work together with our education partners to develop a working security program for unique school settings. Our service extends to offering security at after-school programs, special events, and athletics. With budgeting being an area of concern for learning institutions, our programs are designed to work with any type of budget. Our educational security programs are efficient and successful all over the region. We offer the following value-added services to the educational facilities that we safeguard: • Frequent meetings • Layered supervision • Competitive rates • Recruiting and training • True partnering with our clients • Coverage of afterschool programs and sporting events • Unique programs for every institution Our campus ground security staff is highly trained and qualified to handle sensitive situations with ease. Every one of our staff has been put through a rigorous background check to make sure that they can work in a school setting. We also carry out layered supervision, ongoing training and frequent response meetings with our staff. We do not just sell our services to our educational, we are a true partner. Contact us to learn more about our educational security programs.

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