Cargo Security

Security Protection offers professional cargo security services to help fight criminals and keep your supply chain safe. From advanced monitoring to low-risk route planning, we offer high quality and effective cargo security solutions. We work with transport and logistics companies to guard the supply chain of our clients against theft of product at the warehouse and throughout the distribution centers. Cargo theft should be prevented at all costs because it leads to loss of money and possible compromise of an entire production line. We use the latest GPS technology to keep track of all systems and locating stolen products. But we understand that no piece of equipment can measure to the deterrent factor of a dedicated, skilled and trained escort team. We deploy our security team to protect your cargo from departure to safe arrival. We have procedures and equipment in place to track all vehicles we escort. We also keep records of every event that takes place throughout the route. Our cargo escort team stays connected with the control center reporting progress and every stop made along the way. We understand all the latest cargo security threats and we have the equipment, staffing requirements, and skills to stop them. Call us today for a customized security solution that fits your needs and budget.

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