Close Protection and Bodyguard

Security Protection offers close protection and bodyguard service to anyone who requests this service including VIPs, celebrities, and executives.

In today’s society, everyday situations cannot be assured “safe” or “risk-free”. It’s not just the rich and prominent people who are under attack but the threat encapsulates many of us regular folk. Possible threats may target your business, you, your property or your family.

Our security detail has undergone thorough training, and are licensed, qualified and regulated to offer close protection and bodyguard services. What our security personnel offers is not gained from a short course in a classroom, it’s from real-world situations. Many of our security agents come from police and military backgrounds.

Our security team features male and female operatives and this shows that we can meet the needs of different clients. We make sure that the client is at ease with the answers that we provide whether it’s a long-term or short-term contract.

Our close protection and bodyguard service will:

• Find potential security threats and cut the risks for you and your family
• Use normal operating and risk assessment steps to secure your routes, homes, and destinations.
• Go together with you on business trips
• Have a female operative to work with the female family members and children
• Have a backup team to handle any issue that comes up
• Provide advanced drivers and resource vehicles upon request

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