Commercial CCTV Monitoring

Whether you are a private company, hospital or school, keeping people safe in your office building or public space, and your stock and property safe is a hard task. This is why so many companies and institutions turn to CCTV.

Our commercial CCTV monitoring equipment is of high quality. The cameras that we install work in different lighting conditions.

Our equipment can work as standalone CCTV or be integrated into other security systems. A full system setup can feature alarm management systems, lone worker monitoring, remote access control, and live audio warning systems using 3G transmission, ADSL or a network connection.

Features of our Commercial CCTV Monitoring

• 24/7 monitoring of remote areas
• Simultaneous multiple views
• Instant playback
• Zoom functions for singling on suspicious activities
• Uninterrupted transmission regardless of distance, environment or weather
• Fully scalable from standalone configuration to fully integrated solutions

Our Equipment
High-quality recorders with real-time H.264 recording and playback features in real 4CIF resolution. Hybrid recording, onboard RAID-4 support, and integration with third-party applications.
Cameras: fixed CCTV cameras with 3600 view of your premises. Full range of cameras includes analog cameras, IP thermal cameras, analog bullet cameras, analog domes, IP cameras and domes (including HD versions).

Central Monitoring Station: we install central monitoring stations that offer remote services, custom processes, and procedures, improved alarm handling and response times, monitor operations with business intelligence tools among other functions.

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