Commercial Dog Handling Services

Security Protection offers the best canine security solutions for both the public and private sector to grow and support our security portfolio. Our canine security services are professionally managed and this has allowed us to give special and specific services such as:

• Open space security
• Patrol dogs
• Specialist search teams
• Explosive detection dogs
• Narcotics search dogs

Our able dog handling team is a useful asset in high risk or vulnerable situations. Our dogs act as visual deterrents and are trained to notify the handler when they detect would be intruders.

Our dogs use their senses to pick up intruders or hidden persons by sound, scent or sight. They will protect the handler by standing their ground and demonstrating controlled aggression when faced with threatening behavior. Our dog team detains suspects until the police show up.

Our dog handlers are thoroughly trained and tested in real life situations to make sure that we offer a service that is relevant in today’s changing times. Our dogs are fully trained to make sure that they are up to the expected security standards.

We also dispatch specialist dog handler search teams for premises and vehicles to detect weapons, illegal substances, unauthorized persons, and explosives.

Contact us today to learn how our dog handling team can be of service.

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