Commercial Track and Trace Service

At Security Protection, we have an easy and quick way to monitor our clients’ assets with little hassle. Our latest software platform works with different tracking devices and it's adaptable and secure. Our track and trace platform has the following benefits: Tracking and reports: with real-time tracking, you will always know the status information and location of your assets. We also give reports in an easy-to-read format. Geo-fencing and notifications: we install special fences of all sizes and shapes that can be digitally set to restrict objects or persons to a set geographical region. Our GPS tracking software will send alerts to your computer and mobile device when a tracked object or person leaves or enters a fenced area. Privacy: our GPS track and trace software have impenetrable security features that keep your private data safe and secure. Our GPS Tracking Sensors include: • Fuel sensors • Accelerometer • Motion sensor • PTO sensor • Temperature sensor • RFID sensor Contact open and close sensor

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