Community Wardens

We are a certified security company for training community wardens who walk around the neighborhood to keep the area safe for the locals, solve problems and improve their quality of life. We train people to become community wardens who reduce anti-social behavior and people’s fear of criminal activities. We help our trainees to become open-minded to build up trust.

Our community wardens perform the following activities:

• Report a crime to the relevant authorities
• Report incidents of anti-social behavior
• Issue fines for littering, dog fouling and graffiti
• Monitor empty properties to keep the area safe
• Support older and vulnerable people in the community
• Alert the relevant bodies about environmental issues
• Encourage people to talk to each other
• Visit the schools and attend resident and community residents

We train people to become community wardens who are respected. You need to be confident and assertive to handle conflicts and aggression without turning into violence.

Our community warden training program teaches the following skills:

• Being tactful
• Better communication
• Listening to people
• Being caring
• Working as a team
• Using technology for better efficiency
• Staying physically fit
• Organizing and planning

At Security Protection, we train community wardens who improve your community by keeping it safe, clean and green.

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