Construction Security

When the project schedule is at risk and time matters the most, lighting, tire locks and chains are simply not enough to prevent construction site theft. A construction site attracts thieves, curious people and children inside the perimeter where they may become accident victims. A construction site should have systems in place to prevent construction equipment from leaving the site. Security Protection officers, either armed or unarmed will deter theft in your construction site to keep the costs down and make sure the project schedule remains in place. Construction sites are not the same and each site demands a unique approach. Some sites need video surveillance combined with alarm technology and patrol response services. This is an efficient and cost-effective approach that guarantees safety in construction sites. Our security guards are also trained to administer first aid, CPR and use of AEDs.. Security Protection guards provide equipment and construction site security services for: • Projects under construction • Critical construction phases • Underdeveloped land • Following an incident on site • Prior to occupancy to maintain site integrity

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