Domestic Investigation

The phrase “domestic investigation” refers to family and home-related investigative activities. A Domestic investigation relates to any issue that relates to a client’s spouse, immediate family member(s) or other close relations.

At Security Protection we conduct domestic investigations that involve personal, business, professional, financial, safety and security issues of different kinds including:
• Domestic violence
• Child abuse and negligence
• Child support collection and enforcement
• Identity theft
• Divorce investigations
• Marital infidelity
• Slander and defamation
• Paternity questions
• Stalking
• Substance abuse
• Prenuptial and premarital concerns
• Social media threats
• Alimony and spousal maintenance and many others.

We help our clients by collecting information that proves or disapproves their assumptions and when court cases come into play, we give evidence that can be used in a court of law to support their case.

Starting a Domestic Investigation
Starting a domestic investigation with Security Protection is easy. We will assign your case to a committed investigator and case manager to help you until the end of the process.

Here’s how it works:
Book a consultation: you can book an appointment online or by phone. We will record all the details we need to start your case, match you with the right investigator and give you an estimate of your case.
Connect you with an investigator: our investigator will contact you to talk about the goals of the investigation. We encourage you to give our investigator all the information that they need.
Investigation process: our domestic investigator will use various techniques to get to the bottom of your case.
Case update and final report: you will stay informed every step of the way and once everything is complete, you will receive a detailed summary of findings.
Our investigators do not use hacking techniques, intimidation or any other unethical means.

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