Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring is a must in today’s society. Business must use technology to detect, deter and evidence crimes that plague their businesses. At Security Protection, we understand the importance of CCTV systems as assuring and effective resources for monitoring, detecting and deterring criminal activities or any unwanted attention to your business or event. Every problem has an effective solution and this is the reason we have teamed up with several surveillance equipment suppliers to come up with the best solution for your unique needs. This can be a series of fixed electronic monitoring units, short-term monitoring solutions, mobile units or permanent hardware that meets all your security needs. We use equipment such as: Mobile camera units – these are ideal for a short security contract where our agents watch over your equipment and materials from a distance. With a telescopic mast and inbuilt cameras, our mobile unit will give you a birds-eye view over a vast area. Body worn cameras – these are ideal for voice and video recording in close quarters while on the move, especially when monitoring customers and staff. We have the technology to meet all your electronic monitoring needs. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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