Executive Protection

At Security Protection, we offer more than bodyguard services. We make the most of our security offerings for our clients by adding and providing the following:

• Threat analysis for proper planning and preparation
• Real-time intel from various credible sources
• Rapid security agent deployment
• Collaboration with the local authorities
• Ability to change routes and plans at a moment’s notice
• Highly trained and experienced security staff

We have come to understand that most people do not prefer the “crowded” approach to keep the protected person safe. The best protective work is seldom seen, but always present. Security Protection’s agents are trained and experienced to handle the VIP community while taking into account the precise needs and exceptional style of the person(s) we’re keeping safe.

We are constantly hired to represent:

• Athletes
• Famous celebrities and entertainers
• Diplomats
• News correspondents

We have the experience and solutions to offer protection for Boards of Directors, CEOs, and other corporate leaders from disgruntled employees, workplace violence as a result of terminations and layoffs.

We will create a detailed strategy that reduces and deters threats. Our service includes:

• Equipment coordination
• Security surveys
• Deployment of armed agents
• Advanced team deployment

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