Fire and Safety Services

Security Protection provides fire and safety services across Canada to effectively report fire incidences before things get out of hand. We also protect fire sites from intrusion for proper fire investigation. Our highly trained fire watch security team is crucial to keeping a building safe when a fire occurs. They patrol the facility to prevent thieves and vandals from coming in to steal or ruin property. We offer fire and safety services to: • Apartment buildings • Fire departments • New home construction • Commercial buildings • Commercial construction sites Our fire watch team offers the same duties as a regular guard. This makes sure that your property and assets are safe. Our fire and safety service is ideal for: Construction in part of the building – when construction is underway in a building, our licensed fire security guard will be there to make sure that all sources of ignition are maintained. Alarm system failure – it’s almost impossible to tell if there is an actual fire happening when the alarm system is down. The alternative is to have a licensed guard to respond immediately when they spot a fire. Electricity outage – you cannot plan a power outage, and when the backup system is a generator, there must be someone on the ground to make sure that the building does not catch fire. Water damage – floods and storms have destroyed lots of businesses. Your commercial property should have a security guard to avert the threat of water combining with electricity to create a fire.

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