Fire Watch Service

Security Protection’s licensed fire watch security officers are trained and experienced in providing fire watch services for residential buildings. This service is offered to buildings, apartments, condos or homes that have an issue with their fire alarm system or those in the process of installing a fire protection system.

Our team responds without wasting any time to a fire watch request and are deployed with minimal notice. Our staff will stay on site until your fire alarm system and sprinklers are working, and approved by the local fire department.

Our clients involve property developers and owners. We usually offer this service during construction or renovation of your home. At the start of an assignment, we will go for a walk-through in your home and set up the area that will be on our watch. We provide documentation of our work and we will stay in your home or apartment until the fire detection system is checked and approved by the relevant authorities. After this, we are released from the assignment.

Our 24/7 Command Center
We have a technologically advanced base station that is staffed with security managers who check the needs of our fire watch teams and most importantly, our client. This is the place where all operations are conducted for a fast and effective response.

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