Golf Course Security

Security Protection protects golf courses, pro-shops, clubhouses, parking lots, fairways, bag drop areas, the driveway and tee off areas. We work with golf club owners and managers to come up with a security program that prevents crime, vandalism, theft, and robbery in golf clubs. The high security that we offer maintains the investment and member confidence. We have a team of security experts who understand the security needs of a golf course. Crime in golf courses is increasing and golf club members should feel safe and secure all the time. The main security challenges of golf courses include: • Vandalism • Burglary • Trespassing • Theft People running the daily activities of golf clubs face the daunting task of maintaining their investment while protecting their assets and keeping a positive reputation. Security Protection offers full security solutions to address all golf course security challenges. We have the means to provide security on a golf course of any size. We understand that each golf course is unique and diverse and this means that what works on one golf course is not applicable to another. We are vigilant to stop different types of threats before they occur. We offer a cost-effective approach that is specific to the needs and budget of each golf club. We have the experience and skills to provide golf course security services to clients. Our security program is what your golf course needs.

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