Manufacturing and Commercial Security

We provide security for the manufacturing and commercial industry. Our security solutions are designed to reduce the risk and suit your budget. We offer:

• Manned guarding
• Remotely monitored and controlled CCTV systems
• Key holding
• Mobile patrols
• Wireless and remote controlled alarms are ideal for compounds without power or an internet connection as we can have the system up and running in no time. If an unauthorized person gets on the site, an alarm will go off in our control room. A message with an image of the nature of the intrusion will then be quickly sent to our agents on site who will respond accordingly.
• We even install an access control system to check those coming in and out of a designated area. Our systems have anti-pass pack features, this means that an employee cannot access an area of interest using a friend/colleague’s card.

We know what it takes to protect your manufacturing and commercial business.

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