Mobile Patrol Services

Security Protection offers rapid response services to your mobile security response needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mobile security response unit ensures that your assets are protected even when there is no one at your premise.

We give our customers a piece of mind that, should a burglar alarm go off out of hours, or should an “unwelcome guest” be captured on CCTV, our team will be ready to respond.

Our mobile patrol team is useful for covering extensive areas where fixed observation posts would provide the best coverage. Our mobile patrol team can include security dog patrols for additional security.

Mobile patrols are the best option when you need to create a deterrent and you don’t have enough funds to cover full-time security. When it comes to this type of service, visibility is key and our mobile patrol team is always in uniform and on marked patrol cars.

This service is ideal for:

• Protecting huge open areas such as golf courses, parks, recreational areas, and schools.
• Patrolling areas with a restricted line of site such as warehouses, construction projects, and transport yards.
• Areas that are too risky for a lone security officer such as underground parking, high crime areas, gang territories and shopping centers.

We patrol all our areas of interest on an unpredictable basis, this makes it difficult for anyone to study how your property is protected.

How Our Mobile Patrol Service is Carried Out
By working with Security Protection, you get to choose the key locations and the route you want to be covered. Once our patrol team covers each location, a checkpoint is completed and included in the report. This means that you get a record of events and the satisfaction that patrols are being carried out according to your specifications.

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