Parking Lot Security

Security Protection offers high quality and proper parking lot security services at a fair price. We guarantee that we will reduce crime, safeguard your assets and increase safety; we will keep your parking lot safe and secure. A lot of problems occur at the parking lot and this commonly affects offices, apartment owners, large shopping malls and retail spaces. If a burglary, robbery, assault or property damage takes place in your parking lot, your business will take a hit. Luckily, we have the staff and equipment to make sure that this doesn’t happen. We will make your parking lot safe for your employees, visitors, and customers. We know that as a business, you are responsible for everything that occurs in your parking lot. Our highly qualified and experienced security team will check your premises and address all security issues. Our security team knows all about parking lot concepts and rules. We will conduct a risk assessment, find the risks and come up with a practical and cost-effective solution to improve your parking lot security. The following are some of the duties our security officers do: • Issue warnings and citations for non-compliance • Maintain a safe and secure parking lot • Answer questions on pricing, parking rules and parking locations that customers must obey • Collect payment and issue parking permits • Implement parking rules and policies • Provide customer service • Exercise proper judgment, diplomacy and tact when dealing with people • Monitor transactions to make sure that all business policies are followed and many more. At Security Protection, we offer quality services that surpass the needs of our clients. Contact us for a quote that will beat any competitive price.

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