Parking Security

Parking facilities, whether its surface lots, parking garages or temporary residential parking are ideal targets for criminal activities due to their transient activity and high-value assets. Securing a residential parking area is not as complicated as a commercial parking zone but this doesn’t mean that the security should be low.

Also, some residential parking zones share the same characteristics as commercial zones such as 24-hour availability and high incoming and outgoing traffic. We work closely with private residences and residential building managers to come up with a scalable and effective security program that protects assets and most importantly, life.

We offer a range of security services including:
• Crime analysis
• Security guards
• Parking security, monitoring, and enforcement
• Patrol services
• Vulnerability assessment
• Facilities protection
• Electronic security surveillance integration
• Security of equipment, supplies, and inventory
• Access control

To learn how we can improve your residential parking security program, please contact us anytime.

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