Physical Survey and Analysis

Security Protection’s physical survey and analysis takes into account your company’s workforce, facility, and critical assets, and identifies its weaknesses to potential risks and threats. This survey shows the impact of these potential threats and risks against your most valuable assets and operations. It also provides the necessary information to meet high levels of safety and security within your organization, limit the risks and liabilities and prepare for continued operations during a crisis. Our security survey usually starts by listening to your key stakeholders and setting the proper goals and this typically involves: • A complete assessment of the existing security procedures and policies. • Conducting interviews with senior management and those responsible for security in your organization. • Identifying critical assets, threats and vulnerabilities ranked according to impact and probability. • Changes in security procedures for controlling the risks to your company’s most crucial operations. • Every survey and analysis that we conduct is unique to the industry and company being surveyed and typical factors include: • Visibility of corporation and the executives • The scope of operations, site, and number of facilities • Total amount and value of assets including property and staff. We work with you to develop a value-added approach to improve the security of your organization.

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