Residential Building Security Services

At Security Protection we have a strong working relationship with property managers. Our approach involves the residents and has led us to great success. Our strategy of holding community meetings and recruiting tenants and training community wardens to work with us on security matters has instilled a sense of pride at these properties.

We run tenant friendly security programs and our experience has helped us to better understand all the problems that residential building managers face today. We are involved in many housing-related organizations and with our knowledge and willingness to learn, we will keep improving our services to provide secure and safe environments in multi-family communities.

Our management team possesses the extensive experience to solve unique problems that this field faces. We conduct a combination of high visibility and undercover operations to achieve safe and family-friendly communities.

Its common knowledge that when the crime rate goes up, occupancy goes down. We have worked closely with residential managers to make sure that this doesn’t happen in areas that we secure. We stop vehicle theft, crowd gathering, break in and drug activities.

We also secure facilities with senior citizens by keeping a low profile to help them form relationship and bonds of trust.

Protecting residential areas is our number one business.

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We provide unparalleled service, systems, and solutions to secure, care and serve people and businesses in the community. Our relationship with our clients and employees are the heart of all that we do, each and every day. We serve all our customers with discipline, integrity, loyalty, enthusiasm, and quality.