Residential CCTV Monitoring

Common intruder alarms and CCTV monitoring devices record events or alert you when someone is on your property. They do not offer real-time safety as any incident is well underway and your property, belongings and most importantly your family members are under threat.

With Security Protection residential CCTV monitoring solutions, when an alert goes off in your residences such as an intruder alarm, motion detection, panic alarm or a buzzer at the gate, our team of trained security agents will answer without wasting any time. They will make a swift judgment on the alert by conducting visual and audio checks and respond appropriately.
Our security solutions are developed to stop security breaches in your place of residence from taking place and if they do, our able team is ready to handle them successfully. Our proactive protection measures are what keeps our clients safe.

Our remote residential security CCTV monitoring is manned 24 hours a day to make sure that there is someone available for when there are alerts. Our security guards can interact with you via mobile phone or through our high-tech security systems. We do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

If you hear a noise inside your house, we will run a thorough check to see what’s going on. If there is some sort of disturbance outside your house, we will check all the angles of the cameras. If there is an intruder, be sure that we will find them and tell you what to do as we take the appropriate action.

You are never on your own when you choose Security Protection.

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