Residential Cyber Security

Information security is not only a concern for major corporations. It should be a concern for anyone who uses an internet enabled device, and who doesn’t? This means that may residential houses have internet and this means one thing, private data that has to be protected. There are many online attacks that can be used to get hold of information that is of value to you. Such attacks include password cracking and wireless exploitation.

It is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 20 billion plus devices communicating over the internet. Hackers are longing for this day as residential users will be at the greatest risk, this is where our residential cybersecurity services come in. We help our residential clients with:

• Information security assessment: this includes penetration testing of internet-enabled devices to find vulnerabilities that can lead to leakage of personal data and block these loopholes.
• Residential wireless system designs: we will check your residence and come up with the best practices for wireless security for residential systems.
• Residential wireless auditing: we will run an audit of your wireless traffic, sniffing packets, and penetration of wireless hacking tactics. This strategy will help us to uncover weak wireless vulnerabilities and fix them immediately.
• Password cracking: we will inject different types of attacks such as dictionary attacks, cryptanalysis attacks and brute force attacks on your mobile phones, desktops, routers, and laptops to make sure that your systems are stable.

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