Residential Dog Handling

Unlike many residential security providers in Canada who have a dog team, we do not subcontract our handlers and we own all our dogs. We believe that this is the best approach because we are better placed to watch our dogs and come up with the best working relationship between our canine team and their handlers. Our canine operations are affordable and meet international operation standards.

Raising the Standards
Security Protection is dedicated to providing the best residential dog handling services in Canada. We work hard to raise the standard in this industry to improve the safety of our clients. Our track record of raising the security of our residential clients is the best in the industry and we are constantly improving to stay ahead of the pack.

Security Dog Training Facility
We have a state of the art dog training facility that is the best in the region. Our near perfect training facility helps us meet the best training results.

Our dog team is efficient for:
Patrol, Location, and Criminal Work – our dog handlers are trained to patrol in a coordinated manner with the dog and identify signs given by the dog that there might be an intruder in the compound. Our dogs are trained to bark when they detect an intruder.

Our able security guards will then go ahead to deal with the intruder once they are located. The dog will protect the handler from any form of attack. Once the situation is under control, our team will safely escort the intruder to a designated area.

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