Risk Analysis

This service allows our clients to safeguard their assets with our dependable security risk assessment. To stay profitable, companies must be open for business. That’s why big companies turn to Security Protection’s team of experts for complete security risk analysis. Our resources allow us to check and analyze our situations worldwide. During risk analysis, we: • Assess all threats and vulnerabilities to your area of operation. • Create a detailed review of our security processes and employee safety at all locations. • Carry out compliance audits against security mandates and provisions that are required by your industry. • Come up with a demographic analysis of potential criminal activities in your locale. • Gauge the use of electronic security systems and their usefulness when compared to possible threats and best industry practices. • Examine your security plan and procedural documents and how they relate to the best practices in the security industry. • Cultivate a balanced line of attack on the use of security personnel, staff hours and electronic security. • Analyze the use of fencing, security lighting, clear zones and other physical barriers. • Provide a report on all findings including vulnerabilities and counter-measures. • Analyze your protocols, rules, executive travel and safe practices. Contact us today to learn more about this service.

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