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The security equipment supply world is big than most people think. The older audio recording devices, for instance, work best when recording experiment results or areas with compromised security. They are also ideal when you want to hear the conversation happening in the next room. Modern recording devices, however, feature long recording times, the output file is high-quality MP3. These ones are common among students for recording lectures.

Network internet protocol security cameras are being used for security purposes. The IP camera module can be connected to a computer via the internet; meaning that more cameras can be connected to one network regardless of their geographical position. These types of cameras are ideal for big companies that need CCTV surveillance and security monitoring organizations.

For factories that deal with harmful chemicals and gases, explosion proof cameras are used. Electrical parts should not be exposed in this environment because they can ignite flammable materials. Explosion proof cameras have a protective housing to prevent any reaction.

Many industries are involved in hazardous but legal activities. The safety of the workers comes first in this setting. To check the activities taking place in such a facility, safety surveillance systems such as explosion proof cameras have to be used.

Hidden cameras are monitoring devices that are widely used. As a legitimate security company, we do not support the use of these devices for illegal purposes. Instead, hidden cameras should be used for covert operations for efficiency and safety. Some devices are the size of a screw’s head.

Other cameras are designed to look like something else. For example, some are made in the form of a ballpoint pen. There are many types of cameras today that are used to set up a portable monitoring situation. However, for a camera to be effective, you must have the right accessories.

There is no room for faulty security systems in your organization. This means that you must have extra parts to fix the equipment that breakdown. You should also have the equipment to upgrade the existing installation when need be.

In most instances, it is best to replace faulty security surveillance systems instead of fixing the parts that are faulty. Having a strong relationship with a security equipment dealer goes a long way in this situation because you will have the right equipment on hand when you need it. Some security systems need special parts that are not readily available, however, if you have a good rapport with a well-stocked supplier, you will not have trouble finding the best equipment.

Businesses that require wide security coverage such as the big stores use fake cameras. In some cases, it is not practical to have a camera at all angles because it’s expensive to have them installed and finding the staff to monitor each one is impossible. Critics point out that the shoplifters are already aware of the use of fake cameras, but there is no way to identify the fake ones. This is an effective way of curbing theft.

What about recording video? There are two options, VCR technology and DVR technology. With DVR technology, you can capture more footage than the older VHS tapes. You will also save space in video surveillance rooms that would have been used up by the VHS tapes.

There are smaller DVR units that solve space and budget concerns. These units are not in any way of low quality. DVR units come in various designs and models, for instance, 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel modes.

Network Video Recorders (NVR) work with internet protocol cameras. The NVR devices connect to the internet or a computer network making them ideal for global coverage without using too much infrastructure.

However, the IP security framework is not without faults. There might be an internet connectivity blackout or the connection method to the device can also fail. Hacking is also a security risk.

One thing that you will notice is the different types of connections that are being made. For instance, a CCTV camera sending analogue RF signal can be connected to a cable with a BNC connector and work without any issue. A BNC to VGA converter can then be used to display the content to an LCD screen. These systems are readily available in security supply stores not on hardware and electronic stores.

TV sets that use BNC jacks are expensive – using a BNC to VGA converter system is a cost-effective way if you have a computer monitor lying around somewhere. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to simply plug the CCTV camera system into the monitor because it’s simple and straightforward.

All in all, you need to work with a security equipment supply company to get the right equipment, reliability goes a long way especially when it comes to CCTV security systems. The security equipment supply staff should understand your wishes and make suggestions based on the unique security needs of your organization.

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