Security Patrols

We protect residential buildings with uniformed patrol officers because we believe that visibility is a strong crime deterrent. By their presence alone, our informed patrol officers can help improve your safety and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism at your residence. Security Protection officers put on uniforms that reveal their proficiency and ability.

Whether our officers patrol on vehicles, bicycles or on foot, they are forever present and trained to find threats before they occur.

Security Protection’s around-the-clock patrols protect you by:

• Detecting emergencies and fires
• Deterring trespassers, vandals, and thieves
• Promoting a safe working environment
• Fast response to emergency situations
• Keep you informed on unsafe conditions such as electricity outages and water leakage
• Swift notice to fire departments, emergency services, and law enforcement

Customized Patrol Services
We customize our services because we understand that every client has his/her own needs. We run drive-by security checks and provide security guides and promptly respond to alarms. We also stop trespassers on your property and work with the local police should the need arise.

Detailed Accounts of Events
We provide our clients with written reports and activity logs of each patrol. We also include an incidence report when our security patrol team detects anything.

Contact us for improved security in your place of residence.

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