Special Security Service

Our special circumstance guards focus on high-risk operations such as close protection in conflict areas, onboard security for cargo vessels and towboats against piracy acts.

Such high-risk tasks demand a security team that is highly trained and experienced. This is exactly what we have at Security Protection. Every one of our special security staff is individually prepared to handle each and every mission.

Our priority is equaling safety and quality. This is why we have our own training, evaluation and assessment base. We train our security team to offer:

• Close protection in high-risk areas
• Offer surveillance and protection of storage plants
• Escort of goods in transit on land, air, and water even under challenging conditions

Our special security service is backed by an able technology team on our base manning the control room. This team makes sure that there is continuous communication between them and our team on the ground.

Any issues that are reported during an operation, the control room is informed to decide on the next move. This strategy ensures that we take the best step regardless of the severity of the operation to have the best results.

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