Stadium Security

For many years, we have helped stadiums across Canada to achieve excellent crowd control and good customer care. We do this inside the stadia with spectator management and crowd control when entering and exiting the stadia. With our skills, we offer an enhanced match day experience within a controlled and safe environment. At Security Protection, we have the capacity to give you match day staff regardless of the size of your sporting event. We will take over security, hospitality, car park staff and stewardship with ease. We execute all our activities according to the guidance and legislation of the environment we are in. We have the experience to run any type of event from football to athletics, rugby, and hockey at different divisions and on an international level. We also manage concerts, fireworks, and festivals. Our staff is thoroughly trained in spectator safety and overall stadium security. We know that our service is crucial to your success. We have a strong working relationship with emergency services providers and safety advisory groups that operate in the same stadium that we work in, ensuring proper flow of information and a professional working environment that is well-maintained. Call us today to learn more about this service.

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