Threat Assessment and Investigation

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to look at security from every possible angle to asses every threat – from the human element to the physical environment to the role of technology. Complete threat assessment and investigation are key to safeguarding your environment. Security Protection starts with a key understanding of your weaknesses. Through our threat assessment, we measure your strengths and weaknesses in a number of scenarios, from securing the facility to executive protection. We bring vast threat assessment experience to the table and we can also help you deal with potential sources of new threats. We protect the following critical assets and facilities: • Construction sites • Residential properties • Critical infrastructure • Commercial properties • Aviation and transportation • Mission critical facilities and assets • Government real estate • Expeditionary operations sites • Public venues and special events Our team of security specialists is experienced in: • Penetration testing • Physical security • Counterterrorism • Security operations • Cybersecurity • Security engineering and design • Security system integration • Emergency management and planning • Threat assessment and predictive intelligence

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