Car Dash Cam Security Camera

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A car dash cam is more than a luxury purchase for your vehicle. The recorded videos can give evidence for an insurance claim, and can also be used to identify perpetrators who commit atrocities against you or others.

There are those who choose to use their smartphone as a dash cam but the sunlight and exposure to heat degrade the battery and damages your phone. Having a dedicated device for recording is beneficial because you don’t have to interrupt to carry out other things (i.e. send an SMS).

Key Features of a Car Dash Cam
Every dash cam on the market has its advantages and disadvantages and it’s difficult to say one is better than the other because it depends on what you want. When choosing a car dash cam security camera, you need to consider the following:

Video Resolution
For a clear image that can make out car makes, number plates, faces, and models, you will need a car dash cam that records at 720p and above. 1080p and 2K video recording dash cams are available but the files use up a lot of space.

Storage Capacity
A car dash cam should have at least 64GB of storage space. If the dash cam records higher resolution images, the more storage capacity you must have. Recording a one hour long, 720p footage requires 2GB, a 1080p requires an upwards of 6GB.

Night Vision
Accidents can occur at any moment and this is where night vision recording comes in. You will need night vision for places where there are no street or city lights.

Automatic On/Off
Automatic turn on and off is a must-have feature for dash cams as they are only important when they are on.

Camera Size
Smaller sized dash cams are the best because large ones will block your line of sight.

Loop Recording
When the space in a dash cam fills up, it can either stop recording or it can loop back and record over the older files. With loop recording, the dash cam overrides the older files on the memory card and you don’t have to manually delete the files.

Impact Sensor
Dash cams with impact sensor features start recording a few minutes before the incident. Some turn on when there is an impact and this happens even when the dash cam is off. This feature is ideal when the vehicle is packed.

This feature can act as proof of the site of the incident in cases where the footage is not clear. GPS tracking also records the speeds and this is helpful to avoid wrongful speeding tickets.

Front and Back Recording
The dash cams that come in pairs are the best because they give you full coverage. This comes in handy when you get rear-ended.

Built-In Mount
There are those dash cams that don’t come with a mounting mechanism and will just lay on your dashboard. If this is not your style, you should get a car dash cam with a universal mount.