CCTV Camera

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Knowing the type of CCTV Camera to install in your residence or place of work is no easy task. Today’s security cameras have plenty of features and add-ons and you will definitely have a lot to think about when installing one.

The premium features of yesteryears are the basics today and this is good because you will buy a CCTV that performs at the best levels. One thing that you will note is that there are different security cameras made for different tasks.

The following are the CCTV Camera features that you should look at:

Wide-Angle and High-Definition Video
The right CCTV camera should have HD recording capabilities. This means that all your recordings will be high definition (1080p, Ultra HD, or 4K). With highly defined video, you will detect even the smallest details that would have gone unnoticed in low-quality videos. Your HD CCTV Camera should also be a wide-angled camera, this type of camera covers a larger area meaning that you don’t have to install multiple cameras.

Wireless Technology
Your camera can record the clearest videos but it is of no use if it can be easily tampered with. The best cameras should send the recordings wirelessly with zero loss in quality. Wireless CCTV cameras usually support remote feed and control systems and this offers an added layer of security.

Low Light Cameras/Night Vision
CCTV Cameras should work under different settings even in areas with low light. The recorded footage in a low light setting is black and white not the green monochrome that you might have seen in the movies. Some CCTV cameras that are more advanced use heat-vision or infrared for pitch black areas. This function is ideal for commercial spaces.

Cloud Backup and Remote Access
Remote access is a crucial function for security cameras. The latest CCTV cameras have apps that give the user a varying degree of control. This means that you can see the live feed from your mobile device wherever you are. You can even activate and deactivate the cameras through the app. The security system can also be integrated with other smart home devices for more functionality such as turning the water heater on/off or dimming the lights etc. The recordings can be stored on the cloud and this acts as a backup for later use.

If your CCTV has speakers, you can communicate through the door or over an intercom. With this type of camera, you can check your compound when you detect any disturbance or soothe the pet.

Automation and Motion Sensors
CCTV camera systems with this feature do not have to record a large amount of footage and thus, saves plenty of storage space and internet data when uploading to the cloud. With motion detection and sensors, the camera focuses on the person in the field of view and triggers an alarm.

Types of Cameras
• Dome Camera – eyeballed shaped camera ideal for indoor settings.
• Bullet Camera – a rifle-shaped camera with long distance viewing ideal for an outdoor setting.
• PTZ Camera – this camera pans up to 360 degrees. With a large lens and remote control features, this camera is ideal for scanning an entire covered area.
• Infrared Camera – works in pitch black areas.
• Covert Camera – unnoticeable CCTV camera.
• Wireless Camera – can be IP-based or not, wireless transmission differs but can be installed everywhere.
• C-Mount Camera – these ones have detachable lenses, meaning you can change the lens according to the security required.