We are a security company that offers top security solutions for our customers. Our CCTV systems are closely monitored to offer a 24-hour protection service.

We have been in the security industry for a long time and have developed the best security strategies to run an effective and reliable security agency. Before we install our CCTV package in your premise, we will do a thorough inspection to develop a unique security approach. To make sure that you get the best experience, we will support the systems in-house.

We conduct regular checks and we respond to any emergency situation as soon as it occurs. With our close CCTV monitoring, we can stop and take care of threats or any situation before it happens or escalates. We do this by issuing audio warnings to our response partners including the local authorities. We also give full reports down to the last detail as part of our full disclosure.

We use the latest CCTV Monitoring equipment and we guarantee that each product deployed in your premise has gone through an intense testing process to ensure suitability and effectiveness.

Lastly, we have a team of skilled, dedicated and experienced engineers and security agents who are our full-time employees. Every member of our security detail goes through an extensive background check to make sure that we hire people who meet our high safety standards – also all our security agents are licensed. Our team is here for you and will work tirelessly to keep you and your property safe.

Video Surveillance Security Cameras

We provide unparalleled service, systems, and solutions to secure, care and serve people and businesses in the community.


Below are some of our security camera's most important features

  • 1080p Resolution
  • 360° Field of View
  • Built-in Mic
  • Night Vision
  • Speaker for 2-Way Talkback

  • Built-in Storage
  • 30 Frames/Second
  • Smart Home Integration
  • 110-Decibel Alarm
  • Vandal-Resistant

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4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Security System


with Four 4K (8MP) Cameras, Advanced Motion Detection and Smart Home Voice Control:

  • 8 CHANNELS 4K DVR can support up to 8 cameras
  • 4 CAMERAS 4 Ultra HD 8MP security cameras
  • 120FT NIGHT VISION Maximum night vision range
  • 1TB HARD DRIVE Maximum capacity 1 × 10TB hard drive

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