Concierge Reception

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Are you looking for concierge and reception services? We have a team of highly trained employees who will assist your clients in any way possible. Our staff will meet every requirement of your customers as they have high academic qualifications and are multilingual.

Our staff will run the help desk and service area with ease. They will also manage the reception staff and the front house concierge and introduce changes that will positively improve the experience for your clients.

We will also put a security detail in place to offer an expert door entry control system. This means that every visitor will be screened, have their details recorded and then provided with a badge for real-time auditing and tracking. The process will be done professionally and your guests will not be frisked. Our security agents will also take care of any issue with the least disturbance.

In instances where access control is required to be at maximum level, we will use our technical systems to make sure that only registered people get access. In this situation, our team will take over access management, issuance of identity documents and record keeping. Our services are:

• Issuance of badges
• Controlling and monitoring employees
• Receiving guests
• Run inspections
• Provide directional help
• Control access

Our concierge service is designed to make sure that everything goes according to plan.