Dog Handler

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Are you looking for a top security company that offers the best dog handling services? If yes, then you are in the right place. Whether it’s an environment that demands a complete protection service or for a particular event, our team of skilled handlers and trained dogs will be up to the task. Our dog handling services support our operations with the capabilities and strength of our canine partners.

We have the best dog handling services in the security field and we only use highly trained patrol and guard dogs. We put the handlers through a rigorous background check where we also check their credentials. Every one of our staff is qualified with the best security industry standards for providing professional dog handling services.

Why Choose Us
Once you hire the Security Protection dog handling team, you get a formidable force that gives you a high level of protection. Our dog team is deterrent and affordable. We train our dogs to use their natural senses to detect disturbances even before high-tech detection systems.

Our dog handling team operates from high profiled and marked security vehicles to keep offenders away. The Security Protection dog handlers offer an assuring and confident presence. The sight of an active and professionally trained dog will compliment any security team.

Our canine team is equal to a number of officers and this makes our team highly effective and good value for money.

Detection Dogs
We can deploy detection dogs for a number of purposes. We also work closely with our clients to help and advice on the best response. The dog team prevents:

• Theft of fuel
• Theft of site materials
• Arson
• Theft of plant machinery
• Security breaches into existing buildings
• Vandalism
• Attacks or robbery on construction sites
• Protesters

Our highly trained security dogs and professional handlers will meet all your security needs.