Face Recognition Security Camera

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There are different types of security cameras. For instance. Some have sensors that detect motion – this is an effective way to detect possible disturbances, but motion detection can be an issue. Many cameras that support this function can be triggered by anything that moves i.e. pet movements, curtains, and light changes. Most of the times, this happens when the sensitivity of the motion detection camera is not properly configured.

Face recognition security cameras, on the other hand, offers something that no other camera can. A facial recognition camera records a video, analyses the face to see if it belongs to someone it identifies, such as an authorized person in your office or family member in a home setting. However, you have to “teach” the camera to recognize the faces and tag them with a name.

How a Face Recognition Security Camera Operates
A facial recognition security camera picks up the facial features that are measured by facial recognition technology (FRT). The features are picked up from 80 nodal points to make a face print (in numerical code format). The facial features that the technology concentrates on are as follows, the shape of the cheekbones, nose width, jawline length, depth of the eye sockets and the distance between the eyes. These measurements are collected in a database that is later used to detect faces when the camera scans the face of a person. When facial recognition is connected with your security system, an alert is sent when a person from the hit list is identified by the cameras.

In a business setting, a face recognition security camera is used to pick up scam artists, shoplifters or possible terrorists, as well as identifying VIP in stores to award them special attention.
You can also install a face recognition security camera into your home. This camera gives you better security than motion detection cameras. If an intruder is detected, an alert is sent to you and comes complete with a picture of the face and a video recording. Today’s face recognition security cameras support the use of an app and once it's configured, you will identify people who are coming in and going out with just a simple click. You don’t have to record everything and everybody. You have the option to disable video recording for familiar faces, your family members can relax knowing that they are not under surveillance.

Many face recognition security cameras support SD cards. You can also choose to store your videos in the cloud or you can back them up on an FTP server.

HD Video
Face recognition security cameras record 1080p and higher resolution video and images. This high detail makes it easy to identify faces.

Face recognition security cameras identify faces that are hard to recognize with the regular video surveillance technology. With a 90% accuracy, these cameras can read faces that are partly covered by face masks and sunglasses. When connected to the right facial recognition software, you can match faces with images that were taken a decade ago.