HD Security Camera

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High definition security camera system technology is one of the best crime deterrents for both commercial and residential properties. When buying an HD security camera, you’ll find plenty of options in terms of video surveillance storage, resolution, wired and wireless, camera lens coverage, indoor or outdoor, analog and IP cameras, pan-tilt, and zoom etc.

What Is the Resolution You Need?
You must know how many pixels that are needed for home monitoring. A high-definition camera should clearly capture human faces or license plates. If anything happens, an HD camera should capture all the necessary details.

A camera with 1080p support is the one you need according to the Pixel Per Foot (PPF) calculation. A 40 PPF is the standard for proper recognition. The more PPF you get, the more details you’ll be able to capture. Today, the most widely used HD IP cameras are the 2MP to 5MP.

When buying a high-definition camera, the quality of the video is not always about the resolution. This is why you’ll find HD CCTV systems that produce low-quality images. The best move is to choose a reputable brand that has a high-resolution, true clear recording with better manufacturing and lens quality.

Features of a High Definition Camera
A proper high-definition security camera is not only defined by pixels. There are plenty of features that you should look at when purchasing an HD security camera and this includes Wi-Fi, zoom, night vision, ONVIF compatibility, and many others.

High Definition Security Cameras with Night Vision
This feature means that the camera offers day and night monitoring. However, the clarity of the night vision recording and the viewing distance in low light conditions are not the same among all cameras with night vision support.

The ones that offer quality recordings have infrared LEDs.

Wireless HD Security Cameras
There are two types of high-def security cameras: wireless and wired.

The wireless HD security cameras are easy to set up even for those without any technical know-how. A wireless camera is easy to hide, it does not have any wires and is easy to hide when you want to keep the camera system out of sight. Many wireless HD security systems record at 1080p.

HD Security Camera with Zoom
An HD camera with an adaptable zoom lens and focus allows the user to zoom in to get a better view of objects that are far away. Zoom can be the optical or digital zoom.

Many HD camera systems today come with optical zoom that does not distort the image after zooming.

You can get one that has these features; 1080p resolution and 4X optical zoom, with 360 degrees endless horizontal and 90 degrees vertical rotation.

Another feature that you should look at is the type of storage, such as, whether the HD security camera supports SD card or cloud-based or both. Many wireless security cameras are IP-based and save the recordings to the cloud. Many wired HD cameras save to an SD card, hard drive or PC.


SECURITY 5MP IP IR Water-Resistant


  • 5MP, H.265
  • 2.8mm fixed lens, IR 30m
  • P2P, Built-in Mic
  • DC12V/PoE, IP67