Hidden Security Camera

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Technology is advancing at a fast rate making faster, cheaper and smaller gadgets the most preferred. Now we have small cameras the size of a pinhole that can record for hours without detection. We also have apps that you can run on a handheld device.

When selecting a hidden security camera, there are some features that you should have a look at to pick the right device and they are as follows:
Dual Functionality
Hidden cameras are manufactured as a form of a regular office or household product. For example, many nanny cams are integrated into teddy bears, wall clocks or any other product that you can expect to find in a home. For offices, hidden cameras are in the form of pencil sharpeners, coat hook or ballpoint pen. With dual functionality, the items work as a hidden camera as well as its main purpose.

Time Scheduled Recording
Time scheduled recording is different from motion recording because the device is set to record at a specific time each day. The device does not rely on any motion to start recording.

Audio Recording
This function means that your video has audio.

Motion Detection
You may not want to record specific areas at all times throughout the day only when there is movement. In this case, a motion detection camera is the right one because it starts recording when movement is needed.

Still Images
Some hidden cameras can take still images. This functionality is on the model specifications as many do not provide still images so be sure to check this out.

Video Format
The hidden security camera should support audio video interleave better known as the AVI format. This format is supported across all video playback platforms and has audio and video.

Indoor or Outdoor Surveillance
Knowing how and where you want to use your camera makes determines the camera that you choose. If you want to use a hidden security camera outside, you have to understand that the device will be subjected to more extreme conditions such as hot sun, cold temperatures and condensation. Hidden cameras for outdoor use also have to be inconspicuous to avoid damage or vandalism. The camera should, therefore, have a heavy-duty casing for protection against the elements.

Wired or Wireless
Wireless hidden security cameras are widely used due to their ease of use and installation. They support remote access and can connect to an app. The device can also be integrated with home automation devices like smart thermostats and security systems. However, these devices are less secure as they can be hacked, experience signal interruptions, meaning that you should invest in a secure firewall.

The wired ones have better video resolution, they have a constant power supply and do not experience signal interruptions or hacking attempts.

Hidden security cameras that support better lighting and higher resolution will give you a better understanding of the events in the recordings. Check the capabilities and resolution of the lighting capabilities to select the hidden security camera of your choice.