PTZ Remote Security Camera

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PTZ remote security cameras are special because they have the capability to capture many angles and perspectives and survey a wide area. One Pan Tilt and Zoom remote security camera can do the job of several stationary cameras. For most security, a PTZ security camera should also have night vision support, IP capability, vandal proof casing, and lenses.

No other type of camera can work as a PTZ camera in terms of the area covered and the ease of control and management.

These types of cameras are effective and versatile. They have a wide viewing angle, get a better view of those hard to see places. However, all PTZ cameras are not the same, there are those that are simple and lowly priced, to the multi-faceted and high-tech.

Types of PTZ Cameras
PTZ cameras come in different shapes and sizes with each one developed to do a specific task, but they all work the same way. All PTZ cameras have an optical zoom lens that can be controlled wirelessly. The remote control can tilt pan the security recording device 3600 and tilt the camera 1800, hence the name pan tilt and zoom.

• Outdoor long-range night vision
• Outdoor vandal proof long-range
• Outdoor mini dome mid-range
• Indoor recessed mid-range
• Mini vandal proof mid-range

Main Features of PTZ Cameras
User controlled – these cameras are controlled by a desktop joystick. There are two types of controllers Part # PTZ Joystick and 3D PTZ Joystick.

App-controlled – you can set up and control each device via software.

Automatic tours – a PTZ camera can be set to record certain places for a pre-set duration, then go ahead to the next area of focus.

Pre-set alarm positions – if the camera receives a specific alarm such as a door alarm or detects motion, it will tilt, pan and zoom at a specific area. To do this, sensors are linked to the alarm inputs on the DVR and then the cameras are programmed on how to respond when an alarm goes off.

Low light and night vision – a low light PTZ camera record amazing images even when there’s no light. A night vision PTZ camera emits infrared lights allowing them to record a clear black and white video in total darkness.

The advanced functions of a PTZ camera are unmatched. They are made to record different perspectives and angles with extreme precision and clarity. The camera can capture any angle that you like and scan the entire perimeter with ease. There are certain PTZ cameras that can zoom up to 300ft even when the lighting is not good. PTZ cameras are also good for recording areas with no layouts. They are highly versatile and with remote control features, they are highly convenient. They have resolutions that are not easily found in other security cameras and they can withstand extreme weather. What’s more? Many of these devices are not easily noticeable meaning that vandals and thieves will not be able to find them. PTZ cameras are ideal for outdoor and indoor use.