Retail Security

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Online shopping has taken the retail industry by storm but many people still prefer to shop in brick and mortar stores. Shopping at a physical store is fun because it gives customers that guest experience and a face to face interaction.

Physical stores require high levels of security to ensure good business and a smooth customer experience. We are here to keep your physical store secure at all times.

We deploy well-trained, experienced and dedicated security teams to keep your store safe and ensure a smooth sailing shopping experience for your customers. Our security agents are visible, accessible and will give directions to shoppers. Our team has a high understanding of buyer behavior and will spot and stop undesirable activities before they escalate.

Our retail security solutions work for chain stores, shopping malls, department stores, and independent shops.

Our top retail security solutions include:
• Theft, fraud and property loss prevention
• Investigations and consultations
• Managing disputes and crisis
• ATM services
• Change fund
• Cash management
• Monitoring

Our retail security service not only keeps you and your buyers safe but also helps you meet your business goals. We will also:
• Monitor and analyze your intelligence network
• Close CCTV monitoring
• Protecting the supply chain

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