Site Security

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Construction sites are a target for vandals as high-value items that are used during construction are left on-site. Also, some construction companies don’t employ a proper security team - in certain sites, two or three workers are left behind to monitor the site and this is dangerous.

Keeping a construction site safe is challenging due to physical changes as constructions go up and new materials being brought to the site. Also, people entering and exiting the site change as construction goes on.

Construction Site Threats

Every construction site has its own security challenges and the three most common threats are:

• Life threats
• Threats to property and assets
• Threats to operations
• Our site security services are ideal for:
• Critical construction stages
• Under construction sites
• Undeveloped and pre-construction land
• Site inspection
• Incident follow-up

We have the right equipment and staff to keep your site secure and safe at all times. We install CCTV systems that run on a 24-hour basis to prevent site intrusion. We also provide barriers, fencing, and hoardings to make sure that no one goes to an unsafe territory.

Our team of security agents will keep your construction site safe by getting rid of threats and dangerous incidents.

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