Spy Security Camera

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There are different types of spy camera with each one having its own functions and you have to choose the right one for the sake of your business or home. Wireless security cameras are affordable and easy to install. A spy security camera will help you see who is coming in or going from your home or business all day and night. You can use a spy security camera at home to keep your young ones from sneaking out of the house or to prevent theft in your store.

A spy security camera can be installed outdoors or indoors and most models support DVR recording to capture video footage. However, a spy security camera should be placed indoors, but for outdoor use, there are specific models that check garages, business facilities and doorways.

Types of Spy Security Cameras
Hidden Cams
A hidden spy security camera works discretely and you don’t have to hide or camouflage it. Criminals and vandals will not be able to detect a hidden camera allowing you to work with little or zero disturbance.

Car Cams
Better known as dash cams, these are normally used by law enforcement agencies and are placed on the car dashboards to record the events that take place in a car.

Wi-Fi Cams
These are not the typical spy cams but they work just as spy security cameras. Just set the camera in a specific place and the recordings will be relayed straight to your device. This type of camera should be set at an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal to meet the needs of the cam itself.

Night Vision Cams
Night vision spy cams are ideal when recording at night.

Glasses Cam
These are one of the most innovative surveillance cameras today. They are glasses that are fitted into a regular pair of glasses.

Other types of spy cams include:
• Mini spy cams
• 4K hidden cams
• Clock hidden cams
• Battery powered hidden cams
• Nanny cams
• Warehouse hidden cams and more.

Features of Spy Security Camera
Wide-Angle Recording and High Definition Video
A spy cam should be small to avoid detection but should have quality video recording. This means that all the recordings will be clear enough to detect even the smallest details. The camera should be wide-angled, this will make it easy for you to see a wide area or avoid having dark spots in your room or compound.

Wireless Technology
The spy camera should have wireless capabilities for a fast and easy gathering of any video evidence. For example, if burglars detect a spy camera, they will take it and you will not have any video for the police. If your spy camera supports wireless technology, the video file is stored in the cloud and can be accessed through a mobile device or PC at a later date.

There are some spy security cameras that start recording when they detect any noise or motion. These types of spy cameras are great because they save storage space and internet data because the uploaded file is not heavy.