Varifocal Security Camera

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Security cameras that are fitted with varifocal lens work superbly. The lenses are different and work for a variety of cameras. The best two choices are the box cameras and the very-focal lenses on dome cameras.

Easy to Use
Varifocal security cameras are ideal for a business setting. If a business moves to a new site, cameras that are fitted with a varifocal lens can be easily moved to the new site. Setting up the camera on site is easy; all that’s needed is to only adjust the focal length of the lens.

They are also great for homeowners who are on the move. The varifocal security camera can be easily packed and moved to the new place of residence. Just adjust the camera to the new place.

If you are unsure of the size of the lens that is ideal for your application, just get a varifocal security camera. The fixed distance lenses require the user to guess the length of the lens and if you get this wrong, the device has to be returned if this is permitted or later sold as a second-hand item costing both time and frustration.

Discreetly Change the Area of Focus
When using a varifocal security camera, you can change the location of recording without changing the position of the camera. This camera is, therefore, able to record different types of situations. This is good especially when you have to focus on different positions every day. You can also change the angle to get a better view.

The camera has a knob that can be turned to get a better zoom or get a wider range of view.

Types of Varifocal Security Cameras
Dome Varifocal Security Cameras
You can add a varifocal lens to a dome security camera for indoor or outdoor use. The varifocal lens that is commonly used on dome security cameras is the 3.6 mm to 8 mm lens.

Infrared Dome Security Cameras with Varifocal Lenses
With this type of camera, you can monitor your home, business premise or compound even when it’s dark. The camera emits an LED light that facilitates recording. Get a camera with IR power that matches the focal length.

Day and Night Dome Security Cameras with Varifocal Lenses
These types of cameras have special mirrors that collect as much light as possible to produce the footage. When there’s enough light, the camera will record colored images. If there’s not enough light, the images will have a green tint.

Daytime Dome Security Cameras with Varifocal Lenses
These types of cameras only work when there’s enough light – they will not work when there no light. These cameras are ideal for places that stay lit even at night.

Varifocal Lens Box Camera
Box cameras are fitted with a varifocal lens that is 3 millimeters to 15 millimeters and this gives you a wide angle to work with.

Varifocal Lens Bullet Camera
Bullet security cameras are fitted with varifocal lenses i.e. the 2.8 mm to 10 mm. A sensor can also be added for more functionality.