Wireless (WiFi) Security Camera

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A wireless security camera gives you a peace of mind that your home is safe when you’re out and about. This type of camera has added functions such as motion detection and footage recording – the more advanced ones have two-way audio and facial recognition features.

These functions are great but the most important one is video quality. All wireless security cameras support HD resolution, this includes 720p and 1080p. HD resolution is great because you can identify the persons captured in the footage.

The best wireless security cameras are simple to use, support high-definition recording and include an app interface.

Features of a High-End Security Camera:

Night Vision
A wireless security camera should have night mode to capture footage even in low light. This is achievable with infrared and LED lights.

Motion Detection
With this function, a wireless security camera starts recording when triggered by any form of motion. Some cameras send alerts to the app or your email, however, the camera should have a schedule function for enabling motion alerts when you’re not home.

Facial Recognition
Cameras with this feature alert you when family members are in or out of the house.

Audio Recording
A wireless security camera that supports audio recording allows you to hear everything that is taking place in your house. If the camera has the two-way recording function, you can communicate with persons in your home and give orders to your pets.

User-Friendly Apps
With a clear and easy to use interface, you will find it easy to view your home, live or recordings.

Data Storage
A wireless security camera can find either cloud-based or internal storage. Each type of storage has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cloud-Based - If you decide to go with a cloud-based wireless camera, all your recordings will be stored remotely and you can get access to them online. A majority of wireless security cameras support this function but do not have the same level of free storage, some don’t offer free storage meaning that you have to pay a cloud storage fee.

Pros/Cons - With a cloud-based wireless security camera, you can get access to and share your files with ease and you will still have all your recordings even if your device is stolen. However, privacy is of immense concern because your data is transmitted and held online.

Internal Storage – some wireless security cameras store recordings on a removable storage device (SD Card). All your recordings are, therefore, saved locally on the memory card at no extra cost.
Pros/Cons - The footage stays in your device, no storage fees unless when buying an extra SD card and you can save as much footage as you like. A burglar can steal the device and this means that you will lose your recorded footage.

Other Features
Indoor or Outdoor Use – wireless security camera are made for indoor use, only a handful support outdoor application.
Battery or Mains Powered – most cameras are connected to the main power supply but some have a backup battery for use when the power is out.
Controlling Via A Smart Hub – with smart hub control, you can use all your devices through one app.