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Security Protection K9 Equipment Supplies offers a huge selection of dog equipment and training gear. From dog harnesses, dog boots and collars to tactical gear dog vest and dog training equipment.
We believe that the right training starts with the right equipment. We offer dog training supply for everyone, whether you work with your dog in police k9, military, search and rescue or just want high-quality dog training supplies.

Dog Equipment





Dog Harness Types

Below are some of the most popular types of dog harnesses

  • Car Safety Harness
  • No-pull Harness
  • Led Harness
  • Tactical Harness
  • Reflective Harness

  • Camouflage Harness
  • Lifting Aid Harness
  • Warm Dog Harness
  • Hooded Harness
  • Personalized Harness

  • Harness for Big Dogs
  • Harness for Small Dogs
  • Harness for Flat-Faced Dogs
  • Easy-Walk Harness
  • Heavy-Duty Harness